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Viola Size Guide

This information is to be used as a guide only. Data is approximate. For best results, you should consult with the instructor before purchasing.

How To Choose The Proper Viola Size?

When choosing a viola, it is important that the correct and most comfortable viola size is first determined. Choosing the proper viola size involves 2 easy steps:
  • The first step is to have the player stretch out his or her arm fully ensuring that there is no bend in the arm.
  • The second step is to measure the total distance from the neck to the center of the palm.
After following the above instructions, use the measurement and the sizing chart below to determine the proper viola size. The distance in the chart is the minimum distance that would apply to that size. If the distance is greater than the chart distance, that indicated size should be comfortably playable by that player up to the next size indicated. (For example: If the distance is 22", you should go with the 13" viola)
Arm Length Viola Size
26" 16"
24.5" 15"
23" 14"
21.5" 13"
20" 12"