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Cecilio 2Series TT-280PL Purple Lacquer with Monel Valves B Flat Trumpet

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Well I am in grade 8 and I love playing the trumpet so when my old trumpet got kind of worn down after only 2 years (it was one of three in the local instrument store so not good quality) so I kind of began to look around and I saw this and i thought for my age a purple trumpet is the COOLEST thing. So I ordered it and then when my music teacher found out he warned me that the brand may not be reputable. So i worried for a bit but when I got it, it was AWESOME. The keys were a bit sticky though, but nothing valve oil and usage won't fix. Over the christmas hoilday I played it and it sounded (well obviously) new and unbroken in. Now that I use it in band class i'm getting a MUCH better sound than my old one! And not to mention everyone in my class is insanly jelous! I can't wait to play it during a performance! I would deffinatly reccomend this for a beginer or any recreational player. It's a great instrument with a GREAT style!!

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