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Cecilio 2Series TT-280PL Purple Lacquer with Monel Valves B Flat Trumpet

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So, there is always a fine line. "Do I buy something cheap in case my son/daughter hates it" versus "is it so cheap that it doesn't work and my son/daughter has problems even learning." Well, I bought this for myself. I played trumpet from 4th-8th grade. Now that I'm 32, I've decided to pick it up again.

Let's go through my checklist... Does it work? Check. Does it sound like a trumpet? Check. Is it unique looking. Check. Okay. So far so good. Even though I haven't played in years (and years and years...), I can tell that this is not made to the highest of standards. But, the keys all work and I haven't had problems yet. (I've had it for a month or so.) Just like a cheap "beginner's" guitar, cheaper instruments are generally harder to play. I definitely feel as though this instrument takes a little more oomph to play and the sound isn't crisp and it fades at lower volumes. However, making it harder in the beginning makes it easier as you progress.

SOOOooooo, if you are buying this for a first time player, I think it will do the job. It looks cool and functions properly. But, start saving your money for a better instrument as soon as you buy it. I know I'm definitely going to "out-grow"/out-last this instrument in a year or so. At that time, I'll be willing to spend $300 on a better instrument. If I start to have problems with it from a mechanical standpoint, I'll definitely add it to this review.

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