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Cecilio 2Series TT-280BK Black Lacquer with Monel Valves B Flat Trumpet

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So my son just joined band for the first time and the trumpet he got from school was broken. They sent it in for repairs and after 2 weeks they still haven't even gotten to it. So I bought this trumpet for him so he could keep up with the class. It is black so he will be different from all of the other kids using the brass school trumpets. This makes him feel special and should keep his interest up through the troubling times of beginning to learn. Oh and it looks cool and all the kids are jealous. Brings a smile to his face; so I am happy.

Now for the performance. I am by no means an expert so I will not try to give a professional review. I have read other reviewers talking about sticking keys and peeling lacquer. I am here to tell you I have not experienced any problems with this instrument. It looks beautiful. It plays beautiful (for a beginning 5 grader). No problems with inner workings.

The shipping was extremely fast for regular shipping; so you won't hear any complaints there either.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

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