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Cecilio CVN-200 Rosewood Fitted Violin Outfit

List Price: $239.99
Our Price: $119.99
You Save: $120.00 (50%)

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I bought this violin about 3 months ago, and from the first day I got it, I have LOVED it! I was an absolute beginner. I have been taking lessons from my Grandma, and this violin has never failed us.

The case is VERY nice, sturdy, and the perfect cozy bed for both storing and packing your violin.

The extra accessories are spectacular. The rosin works great; you just have to scuff it up a bit with a piece of sandpaper or a knife so that the rosin will actually come off onto the high-quality bow.

The pitch pipe is VERY useful when tuning your violin.

The extra strings are very nice. I snapped my A string while tuning it (I twisted it WAY too tight) and I was able to just grab my extra string and put it on.

I highly suggest getting an experienced violinist when you are installing your bridge. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

The violin itself is 100% gorgeous. It's smooth and polished, and just beautiful to look at, even if it's not singing! It has an amazing tone... It is more mellow, not as harsh as most violins, and just clear and brilliant.

Even my grandma, who is an experienced violinist, loves my violin and agrees that this was a really good deal.

I love this violin. I'm glad I found this amazing deal; it's totally worth your money! I bet I'll have this violin for years to come.

From a 100% satisfied customer.

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