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Cecilio CVN-100 Rosewood Fitted Violin Outfit

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I bought this violin several months ago. I wanted to give it a very good testing before posting a review. Not knowing anything about the violin, or whether I would even enjoy it, I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Having been playing for about 5 months, now, I have learned quite a bit and enjoy playing very much. I don't know how this compares to other beginner violins, because I have not tried to play any others, but I think this sounds great for my play level. I figure I can learn the basics and then transition to something a little more expensive if I decide to stick with it (which I almost certainly will).

The violin came with everything promised (case, extra set of strings, rosin, etc.) but I don't use most of it. The case is nice and does what it's supposed to. The rosin, just like many other reviewers, was broken into little bits when it arrived. Plan on spending an additional $4 at a local music store to get a good rosin. The extra set of strings came in very handy because the very first thing I did while trying to tune it up was break a string. The pitch pipe is a nice feature but I decided to download a program that lets you tune while playing into the microphone on the PC. Finding sheet music online is difficult.

The other reviews are very helpful in getting the violin set up. Things like sanding the rosing before applying it and pushing the tuning knobs in while tightening the strings work great. Read the other reviews or even search for violin setup tips for the initial setup of the violin. After doing the research it only took me about 30 minutes to get it to start making playable sounds.

Overall, this has been my favorite purchase of 2007. It has provided me with many hours of entertainment and I anticipate many more.

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