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Cecilio CVN-100 Rosewood Fitted Violin Outfit

List Price: $199.99
Our Price: $99.99
You Save: $100.00 (50%)

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I recommend this product to anyone interested, but not so sure yet in playing the violin. I started taking lessons about a month ago and thought it would be nice to own my own violin. So I ordered it and MWAH a beautiful violin.

It has a nice color and holds it tune well for a new violin. Of course the rosin is not of a great quality, but as my violin teacher called it, this is a 'screaming deal' for the price. The accessories came in handy (especially the extra strings) and I find that the violin makes a strong steady sound.

For people that say that this product is bad, I strongly disagree with them, shipping was fast (2 days) and the bridge was easy to install. The shoulder rest really helps too!

Anyone that would like a decent quality violin without spending over 100 dollars, click the 'Add To Cart' button, this is certainly my favorite buy so far this year.

Now don't expect this to work like a 700 dollar up violin though, you don't get realy ebony, and the pegs do slip at times the hairs are synthetic (most are these days(but with enough rosin it works just fine) and sometimes when it isn't set up right, it does produce a scratchy sound. But this is the best violin for a beginner, best deal online.

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