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Cecilio CCO-600 Oil Finish Highly Flamed Solid Wood Cello Outfit

List Price: $1,999.99
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Great cello for the price. Needs to be setup upon arrival. (comes with the bridge tied to the underside of the fingerboard and foam packed under the tailpiece.) If you don't know how to set a bridge, take it to a professional and pay for any adjustments, like lowering the action (if necessary) and changing the strings. The strings that come with it are metal and don't really do this instrument justice. (I would prefer rope core or silver on gut. ) But it has tuners and metal strings are easier for students to adjust with tuners. The finish looks darker than in the picture and my cello had a fresh ding in the bottom left front edge from rough handling in shipping, but it isn't anything that affects the sound so I'm not complaining. Great projection and wonderful tone. I think it actually sounds better than the German-made instrument I owned in college that I paid $2000 for in 1976. The bow is comfortable and light with good full hair that accepts rosin well. It would certainly serve any adult beginner or high school through college player well.

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