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Cecilio CCO-600 Oil Finish Highly Flamed Solid Wood Cello Outfit

List Price: $1,999.99
Our Price: $999.99
You Save: $1,000.00 (50%)

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I was VERY leery of buying an instrument sight unseen off the internet, but because of the price, I had to give it a try. I contacted Cecilio Musical Instruments directly, asking many question about quality, QA processes and customer satisfaction. I could not find many reviews on line about this instrument except one who said it was more than he expected. He was right. I received this cello and immediately took it to a local luthier who set the cello up and made a thorough inspection. He was very impressed to the workmanship and overall quality. To quote him, You got a steal here! He mentioned that it was indeed a handmade instrument and appeared to him that it was made by one person, not an assembly line. He said that this will last a person a lifetime. The tone is incredible, deep and rich and it holds a sustained note for up to 10 seconds. This is comparable to another brand sold locally where they are asking $4000 for it. As far as Im concerned, I just saved $3000! If you are need of a beautiful, rich sounding cello, then you wont go wrong by buying the Cecilio CCO-600.

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